Introduction to the akashic Records Workshop

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Cost $45.00

In this session, we will explore intuitive eating in the Akashic Records and connect with our body's intuitive wisdom.

 Join this powerful 90-min Workshop in the Akashic Records 

DATE: Summer TBD, 2024 
5:30p mst/7:30p est

Topic: TBD

Many of us already have strong intuition or developed abilities in other metaphysic modalities.

If you aren’t sure if the information you receive is accurate or where the information came from, you are not alone.

That’s the beauty of being trained in the Akashic Records and receiving the sacred prayer; it doesn’t require previous experience, just a willingness to go within and trust.

You can gain confidence that the information you receive in the Records is accurate by using a proven practice and gaining feedback from hands-on exercises.

This workshop is for those seeking clarity and insights related to their body and eating habits intuitively.

Through grounding and clarity, we can gain a deeper understanding of our relationship with our body and eating. We will also inquire into cravings and the metaphysical meanings behind emotional eating

Akashic Records background & history
Accessing the Akashic Records
Have an experience in the Akashic Records- Exercise
Share your experience in the records

Time for knowing versus questioning 


I've been wanting to take the Level 1 Akashic Records class for a while.

I'm So glad I joined the 1 hour "Experience your Akashic Records" workshop,

it solidified the difference between my intuition and being in the Akashic Records.`

Gaining clarity to your true purpose, raise your vibration and increase your spiritual connection. 

Identifying if the energy of your soul from other lifetimes has energy blockages that could be contributing to your ability to heal in this lifetime.

Using the Akashic Records  (similar to the Akasha/8th Chakra, or Quantum field or Collective Unconscious) to understand your thoughts and feelings. 

Being able to access your Akashic Records and receive  information, insight, healing, and inspiration.

Just imagine...

✔ You know you are intuitive though aren’t sure if the information you receive is accurate  

✔ You receive information, though aren’t sure where the information comes from

✔ The information you receive or intuition isn't consistent, at times I receive information and sometimes I don't receive any information  

✔ You are trained in many modalities or have interests in many modalities but don't know how to integrate them  

✔ Want to connect with your Akashic Records for information, insight, healing, and inspiration

✔ Ready to learn a proven approach to opening your Akashic Records and connect with your Beings of Light, Masters, and Teachers.

thE Akashic records workshop is a must attend if...

✔ What are the Akashic Records & why learn to access them?

✔ How the Akashic Records are accessible to anyone

✔ How to Access the Akashic Records 

✔ Exercises: Experiences in your Akashic Records

✔ A 1- hour workshop with time for Q&A afterwards  

✔ Workshop will be held LIVE on Zoom and will not be recorded

✔ Cost is $45

this workshop covers:

includes a detailed workbook

Each Workshop has a Different topic & questions 

 INtoduction to the Akashic Records workshops

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Summer TBD, 2024

— Ann

"you will not regret signing up for This workshop, it waS eye opening."

Akashic records reading

Akashic records training

Akashic Records reading sessions help you to discover your life's purpose, gain clarity and increase your spiritual connection.

Move past confusion, overwhelm and being weighted down by all the decisions in life with an Akashic Records session.



Akashic Records Training helps you to develop intuition and deepen coaching presence.

If you want to learn Akashic Records and receive your certification, join our Level 1 and 2 trainings.

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