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Hello Soul Seekers

i went from seeking purpose and dealing with multiple unresolved health issues to... fulfiLled and healthy.




"When we integrate all aspects of ourselves into our sense of who we are, we feel in flow and on purpose."

I focus on the integration of who we have been, who we are and who we are becoming, which involves all of the different roles we’ve played—from child, sibling, parent, job/career titles, collegiate titles, archetypal-therapy titles and metaphysical titles.

We often go through life feeling or thinking that these need to be separate entities, which leaves our souls feeling fragmented. 

Whether you’re on the journey of your body and being connected to your physical being or the development of your mind and being connected to how you take in information or the journey of the heart through forgiveness and self-love, or you're journey and desiring to understand your truth— all of this is what I see and understand as The Great Work.

Our lives are more than the actions we take every day in our careers and relationships. What matters is how these aspects are integrated into the overall context of who we are.   

I always sensed that I was highly intuitive and sensitive to energy, but it took a rite of passage to really understand the role that esoteric knowledge and mysticism would play in my life.

In my twenties I began exploring modalities in the metaphysical space, but it was truly only for knowledge and understanding—which makes perfect sense as I am a Seeker according to the Soul Origins Assessment©, a tool I was inspired to create. A Seeker is someone who desires to understand life via the mind, and only when understanding is achieved through the eyes of the mind can a Seeker be fulfilled.

Over time, however, I wanted to experience what knowledge felt like in my body, which ultimately led to my most profound transformation—moving into the knowingness of my heart. Hence the old adage, “Follow your heart—the heart always knows.” 


-Cyndi P Stewart, PHD

— Cyndi P Stewart, PhD

"The body uses physical symptoms to get our attention, so the root causes have to be uncovered to move forward"

what i learned and experienced 

"This internal journey is what has brought me to experience a huge transformation or what I refer to as the Alchemy,"
— Cyndi P Stewart, PhD

My personal healing journey has also been an essential component on my path to deeper spirituality and understanding of life and its purpose. It’s impacted me on numerous levels as I’ve worked through multitudes of health challenges. In my early thirties I began experiencing debilitating panic attacks and chronic constipation. This led to years of new and differing symptoms and eventually a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease. In addition, I learned that I have a genetic disposition called MTHFR, which affects how my liver detoxifies.

These two diagnoses have become an imperative piece of the puzzle in understanding my many other diagnoses and symptoms—Ménière’s disease, interstitial cystitis, multiple digestive issues such as parasites, candida and mold overgrowth, hypoglycemia, food sensitivities, uncontrollable sugar cravings, anxiety and panic.

I’ve dealt with misdiagnoses that led to gallbladder removal before learning that my liver was the culprit, and I’ve learned that interstitial cystitis and Ménière’s disease are considered to be autoimmune responses. Through these many challenging experiences I’ve come to uncover this golden nugget:

Understanding the possible interconnections between all symptoms throughout our lives is important in addressing the root causes of health and happiness. That’s what underlines my holistic approach to healing and wellness. 


"Cyndi's approach to treating the WHOLE body, mind and soul is unique, then suggests the healing effects of journaling and finally the soul's part in health and wellbeing with an exploration of the Akashic records.

Janet, Self-Employed

"Cyndi's integral approach of energy, nutrition and coaching helped me to return to a well-balanced body, mind and spirit. My energy was restored and as well as positivity and clarity.
Patricia Risch, PCC, Coaching for Sustainable Change

After my Akashic Records session with Cyndi, I walked away with things I could do to improve my business, which had been struggling. It’s been 13 days and in that time, I booked $22,629 in sales
Docia Boylen “Boss Lady” Handyman Connectio

Cyndi combines healing work with spiritual coaching that taps into insights and guidance at a much higher perspective. healing work that shows promise to dissolve blockages that I have been working on for years.

Kara, Marketing

What I’m known for:

Co-Creator of;
Akashic Light Grid Technique 
Soul Origins Assessment
Certified Akashic Records Training 

Akashic Records Consultant, Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom
Medical Intuition Training

Emotional and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner & Trainer

Angelic Reiki Master & Trainer
Reiki Master

RYT 200 Kundalini Yoga certification, Taught by Guru Singh, Kundalini University,
YTT 300 Hatha Yoga  certification, Taught by Brett Larkin
Compassionate Kundalini Yoga Training, Taught by Ravi Singh 


Ph.D, Doctor of Philosophy, from Colorado State University.
Instructional Design and  Adjunct facility teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Transformational Coaching Method (TCM)
Life Coaching from CoachU

Primordial Sound Mediation Certification from Chopra

20+ years of experience with change management, career development, and training & development in organizations


Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

Ayurvedic Therapies at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing
Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP) from the FxNutrition

Biochemical Applied Kinesiology certification

Herbalism and Alchemical Herbalism 



My education has been focused on integrating the body, mind and soul, as I have learned for myself that they are indeed all connected.

My Education & Training

I love to Journal and collect Journals. The journal in this picture sends a percent to support Elephants.   


I love to do Yoga. My favorite style is Kundalini Yoga


I love to spend time
with my two dogs. 


I love to bake, especially GF, vegan, and low sugar yummy snacks.


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