Journal writing supports the spiritual transformation process and embodies healing on many levels.

Run by spiritual transformation coach Cyndi Stewart, these journaling workshops are great for beginners as well as those who are seeking deeper meaning.

Spiritual Transformation  Journaling & Writing

These workshops include getting grounded, connecting as a group, learning new concepts and material, using journaling prompts, and group shares. The spiritual journaling workshops are great for those who are new to a spiritual and/or transformational journey, as well as, those who are seeking deeper meaning and want to use the concepts, reflection and group shares as a way to address their challenges from a sacred space.

We use journaling to get our thoughts out of our heads and on paper.

Many find journaling freeing and insightful as to why or how situations are difficult and/or stuck. Journal writing can help uncover what is holding you back from moving forward and/or connect you with the deeper meaning of the situation.

Writing in groups is a way to connect to the collective, which makes writing and reflection a lot easier. If you struggle with writer's block or feel like you never know what to write, then group workshops are a great way to move forward as the energy of the collective is motivating and inspiring.

Spiritual Transformation uses different experiential concepts and sacred teachings to invoke a deeper perspective on what's occurring in your life such as health or well-being, a spiritual practice, weight loss resistance, negative body image, moving through a difficult relationship, a job loss-change, creating new habits or any challenges you are experiencing. 

A transformative experience can be magical when you have the right support and insight, as then it provides a platform to move through it with empowerment and compassion.

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sprINg 2024
In person and on zoom
Sundays 10am-12:30pm mst

Spring TBD

About the workshops

These workshops are also helpful if you are a writer or have that book in mind you've always wanted to write. 

Additionally, if you are an entrepreneur with blogs, articles and materials to develop, these workshops support clear thinking as many times this kind of writing involves sharing personal and professional experiences in a specific frame of reference.

The Writing for Spiritual Transformation workshops are offered approximately every five to six weeks. There is a new focus each session with supporting writing exercises and handouts. The workshops are two or three hours, depending on the format.

— Tammy, Denver CO

"The workshop helped me build a platform as a beginner, something that I can tangibly put into motion and keep on using, it provided exploration, connections to get clear intentions and or direction. Also, working with a question for four days. Cyndi provides valuable and insightful information in her course that can be used all the time. What a wonderful gift, thank you."

— Kristina, Professor, CO

"The workshop provided me with a strategy to connect to an inner dialogue that was amazingly insightful. I better understood how rooted particular resistances are in my psyche and daily operations. Thank you, Cyndi! This was a great workshop and pivot for a self-transformation!"

— Olga, WA

"I had great insights driven by powerful but easy to follow exercises. Safe, grounding atmosphere. Loved the last exercise — "Dialogue with the Divine" and the Community feel."

— Connie Warden L.Ac and curiosity junkie :-)

"It was so exciting to learn new ways to journal that allow self-growth to happen. Even though I've been journaling for decades there is always room for discovering something new. So appreciate this and will be signing up for more."

— Ann K. Littleton, CO

"The class was extremely helpful in how I think about how I am “feeling.” I now come at it with a more investigative slant rather than I’m going to wallow in this place. We talk about being a “tormentor” that lives inside - the voice that is super critical of us. Learning how to put that aside and look at the facts has be SO helpful. Being in a group setting and writing is also so powerful, journaling alone is great, but doing it together and in a more structured way can really move feelings and thoughts through and from a deeper place."

— Lorraine D. Genesee, CO

"The morning of the writing workshop I was thinking about my day and I felt strong peacefulness. realized I felt at peace because I get tine to be with me at the workshop and I choose this gift for myself and participate in Cyndi's writing to heal workshop. I look forward to the experience with Cyndi's support and wisdom."

— Ann W. Broomfield, CO

"Before the writing workshop I was overwhelmed and struggling and wanted to turn within with so much going on. The workshop is a warm environment and has an accepting facilitator, Cyndi. At the workshop the stress goes down, I’m more open to guidance and much more in touch with my path. Wonderful questions are asked, the writing environment is warm, surrounded by wonderful people and guided by Cyndi. Each session the focus aligns with my divine guidance and I love the wisdom of the class and always leave feeling really good."


Testimonials from Attendees 

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