Have your Alternative or Metaphysics content created for your business!

Integrate your ideas and modalities and get clear on your session, content and offerings!

Spiritual Business  Coaching 

no need to put this off any longer~

Integration of your ideas and modalities, and get clear on your course offerings
Get clear on your unique model, framework or methodology
Design your course foundations and content
Develop proprietary spiritual tools, i.e. assessments, attunements, meditations, rituals, initiations
Establish yourself as an expert Holistic-Metaphysics Practitioner
Target your ideal clients
Marketing your business that aligns with your soul
Integration of your content and course material

Get your Unique Message and Teachings Out to the World! 

Finally get your message and gifts out to the world.

Establish yourself as an expert Practitioner/ reader/Healer

Get through the overwhelm of all your ideas

Get clarity on your unique framework 

Think beyond the obvious thing(s) you do and incorporate all of your gifts, talents, life's work, etc.

integarte your    modalites 

If your ready to...

My background includes over 20 years creating content for organizations and working in HR, OD and Training, creating content for Universities, designing content for solopreneurs and practitioners, coaching others on their content creation, and creating content for my business as a Alternative Health & Metaphysical Practitioner.

If you are a coach, health and wellness practitioner, healer, reader, mystic, spiritual professional, etc., you need a different approach than just providing information. There is so much information on the internet already, you can provide inspiration!

You want to share how your approach is different and offer a unique experience with your propriety material. The difference with a transformational experience is evoking a shift for your participants so they want more of your teachings, courses and/or individual sessions.

Get past the overwhelm of sorting through all the ideas and content you have, bring together all your learnings, teachings and certifications, get clear on what is needed in your offerings and share your unique gifts with the world!

My sessions are conducted in your Akashic Records and Business Akashic Records so the direction and guidance is very clear!

A letter from Cyndi...

—  Cyndi P Stewart, PhD



“I am so thankful for Cyndi’s guidance with the initiation of my first course. She took something overwhelming and made it simplified. I relied on Cyndi’s guidance as she helped me organize my material, made graphics and put my course in A presentable manner. Cyndi was easy to work with. She gave some suggestions, but in the end, it was my decision on how the content flowed. I would have never gotten started had it not been for Cyndi.”

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 I know personally what it takes to start and finish a course! 

• Develop your unique framework, model, technique, tools and/or methodology

• Design your course foundations and content

• Develop proprietary spiritual tools, i.e. assessments, attunements, meditations, rituals, initiations

• Marketing your business to align with your soul 

Content & Course Creation

Cyndi can develop your program/course content for you, or, you can be coached to create your own program & course content.

Course online platforms and how to apply for CEU's, closing out the course

session 6

Designing the message, presentations, communication and emails

session 5

Engaging activities: incorporating assessments, spiritual tools, reflective lessons, worksheets, etc.

session 4

Knowledge transfer, Structuring each session/class for education and inspiration 

session 3

Build your conceptual model
Organizing your ideas and Content

session 2

Content combining and clarity
Identify your unique place in the market

session 1

 Soul origins Business Integration, 
Content & Course Creation

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