Build the foundations of your physical body to support your overall soul growth

Are you ready to be free and release emotional eating, stress, anxiety, and overwhlem?  

Do you feel like you tried everything and still have unresolved health issues or don't know what to eat anymore?

Are you A seeker of life purpose and want a path to deeper meaning?

I've got a WAY to show you how!

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Chakras are energy centers that hold emotions, thoughts, memories and beliefs which can have an impact on our sense of wellbeing. Take a short self-assessment and find out which of your Chakras could use a little balancing.

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Establish yourself as a Master Practitioner in your field and get your Unique Message and Teachings Out to the World! 

Take A Class to deepen your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies  

Develop intuitive gifts, gain clarity and confidence with the messages your receiving  

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Want to know your Purpose, understand health issues on a soul level and move stuck energy  

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Low energy, feel stuck, seeking intuitive connection and direction

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Have Unresolved health issues and don't know what to do next or what to eat anymore

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 Coaches, Practitioners, and Healers seeking Soulfull Business support   

Get your unique message and teachings out to the world! 

Functional Nutrition
Are you experiencing unresolved health issues?

An approach that gets to the root causes and addresses the stuck or blocked emotional energies that impact our healing. 

I'm all in!

I'm all in!

The Akashic Records provide insight and  inspiration into uncovering:

Your Purpose, stuck energy, and root causes of health issues on a soul level. 
This is done by looking at your current records, past records and future records


Since childhood I’ve been highly intuitive and sensitive to energy. The first part of my career launched me into a successful corporate career and higher education. After completing my Ph. D at Colorado State University,

I started down a path for personal exploration to understand the struggles I faced with food sensitivities, emotional eating, and a burnt-out lifestyle, that ultimately landed in a deeper calling toward the metaphysical realm. This prepared me for the next professional chapter.

My approach focuses on getting to the "root causes" of why we don't heal or how to get unstuck by working with the four bodies; physical, mind, heart and soul.

From my healing journey and working with others, I noticed a strong connection between knowing one’s life purpose and their health. When the foundation of our physical body is created, its supports our overall life-soul journey.

My classes target Transformational, Spiritual Wellbeing and Metaphysical practices. I also support Holistic and Alternative practitioners on their business journey by working in the Akashic Records to create their proprietary framework, content, and spiritual tools. 

Intuitive Coaching And Healing, Alternative Health Practitioner, Soulful Business & Content Designer

Hi, I'm Cyndi Stewart, Phd

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uncover Why you aren't healing or moving forward?

know your life - soul purpose?

understand How to get unstuck
and Experience greater joy?

learn What's holding you back from a fulfilled life?

Brain fog, fatigue thyroid, hashimoto's, Digestive Imbalances, Autoimmune Disease, Vertigo, Ménière's Disease

Cravings and Spiritual yearning

Unresolved Health Issues

Don't Know What to eat anymore

Establish Yourself As An Expert And Target Your Ideal Clients

Create Your Unique Framework, Model, Technique, Methodology And Spiritual Tools.

Integration Of Your Ideas And Modalities, With Your Offering(S) 

Get Clear On Your Unique Self That Aligns With Your Souls Calling   

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Feel great so you can step into your life and soul purpose.

gET SUPPORT FOR your Physical, Emotional and spiritual journey 



What is at the root of your cravings?

This is a common desire for many and is a "Root Cause" to cravings. When seeking Purpose and Meaning can be overwhelming. When unsure of a direction in life, the uncertainties can cause food cravings. Getting clarity on purpose and meaning can be uncovered in the Akashic Records.


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When our body is nutrient deficiency, especially in trace minerals, it can cause cravings because the body is looking for ways to get nourished. Its best to addressed this through a body, mind and soul level so your whole being is nurtured. Our matters show up in many areas of our life!


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Cravings are enhanced from stress and having a tapped out nervous system. The body seeks movement, especially yoga, to calm the nervous system and feel relaxed. I use Breath of Fire, a Kundalini Yoga Breath to calm my nervous system.  


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Fatigue many times is triggered from lack of joy or fun in life. The body seeks and craves food, especially sweets, to feel a sweetness or joy in life. If your fatigue is from an unknown root cause or unresolved health issue, uncovering what brings you joy and learning about your energetic light body would be a great next step.


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If this is you, I know exactly how you feel! I was an overweight child, so I’ve had to work through an unhealthy body image, an unhealthy relationship with food, and emotional eating/binge eating. First, I found visualizing my physical body as a vessel that holds my soul body has been very helpful. The soul body is just white light and has no shape, its very calming. Also, knowing the foods that give me energy, and the foods that deplete my energy (i.e. foods I react to), was key for my gut health which supports the function of my brain and neurotransmitters. I added in soul seeking work through the Akashic Records and use Kundalini Yoga to raise my vibration. *Take the free food mood self-assessment to understand your relationship with food.


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Blood sugar and digestive health are the first places to look into for cravings. Your blood sugar may be in range on your labs, but you can have swings throughout the day. This can cause uncontrollable cravings, and this was exactly what I experienced. What appeared to be emotional eating, was my body lacking an essential trace mineral. Having an imbalance of gut bacteria can lead to many digestive issues and cravings, this is important to address as well.


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Cyndi's approach works wonders. I am still in awe of how simple these changes were and how big of an impact it had on my entire body. I would recommend working with Cyndi for any and all issues related to digestion and overall body health. These were profound changes for me."

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