It’s time to move past your unresolved health issues so you can focus on what you want for your life! 

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Dealing with Unresolved Health Issues?

nutritional alchemy:
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  • your UNCONSCIOUS emotional patterning 


My alternative health approach meets you where you are at!

Your time is now

Build the foundations of your physical body to support your overall life and soul growth and development through 
 Light Energy Technologies. Awaken the Soul through Spiritual Kinesiology and the Akashic Light Grid © which is a high Vibrational Energy technique incorporated through the  Akashic Records.

spiritual & METAPHYSICAL KInesiology  

Muscle testing and applied kinesiology is an energy technology that provides information from the body. If the energy is out of balance, muscles will respond to that energy. Muscle testing also tells us if there is an imbalance between thoughts and emotions, foods, and other substances.

Deeper Awareness
WITH Clarity through

 Functional Nutrition is the connection between food choices and healing the body, bringing in depleted nutrients from a disease or illness and targeting a diet to promote the body’s ability to feel better.
Uncover the challenge or frustration you are experiencing, and feel empowered to shift and create space for what is desired.

your Relationship with Food, Intuitive Eating & Food Intolerances

My Approach Involves Holistic Integration

Nutritional Alchemy is my specific approach to health and wellbeing that involves holistic integration of functional nutrition, applied kinesiology, and spiritual healing modalities such as Akashic Records reading

Akashic Records and Chakra Medicine
 Makes connections between physical symptoms you are experiencing and what is likely causing them in your ‘biography’ and are integrated with your Soul Origins and who you are becoming. 

know your purpose

Energy and Light Technologies
such as Healy Energy Technology, the Rife, the CGAM Body Charger and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to compliment overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
Awaken the Soul through Spiritual Kinesiology and Akashic Light Grid © high Vibrational Energy

SUBTLE BODY Energy Intelligence

Nutrition, stress reduction techniques, Kundalini breathing, lifestyle, labs and supplementation.
 Chakra Food Mood Self- Assessment and Food Patterning

Nutritional Alchemy & KinesiOlogy 

my Technique




Not sure what to eat anymore

Move past a health issue and a new one appears



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I understand completely how you feel!


I know who you are and what you’re going through, as I was at the same place as you when I started my own healing journey. I’ve been through multitudes of health challenges from debilitating panic attacks and chronic constipation to misdiagnoses that led to gallbladder removal. Though messy and tough at times, my personal healing journey has been an essential component on my path to deeper spirituality and understanding the importance of root causes. 

Over the years, I’ve helped many to discover the root causes of their unresolved health issues, improve their relationship with food and gain clarity on their life’s purpose. 

I’m also lucky enough to coach other healers and mentors to gain clarity and confidence in their practices, techniques and tools. 

Now it’s your time - your time to get past being overwhelmed, constantly seeking solutions and feeling stuck. 

I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you! 

— Cyndi P Stewart, PhD

"The body uses physical symptoms to get our attention, so the root causes have to be uncovered to move forward."

— Natalie, Photographer, CO

"I am so thankful that I found Cyndi! When I came to her, I was struggling with a fatty liver (among other things), which other healthcare professionals told me that if I lost weight it would fix all my problems. Not Cyndi though! Cyndi walked me through all my symptoms and problems. She helped me realize and understand how everything is connected and how we could begin to repair my health. Currently down 25lbs, and my blood work is looking better than ever. I no longer have gallbladder attacks or constant headaches. Cyndi has helped me make lifestyle changes, while supporting my whole person not just one symptom or another."

— Kristin, CO

"I’ve had medical issues related to digestion since 17 and I’m currently 36. I’ve worked with half a dozen gastroenterologist and a few research hospitals for my digestive issues including the Mayo Clinic and few of these doctors addressed the whole body as a complete system The major difference in working with Cyndi is that we looked at issues outside of the digestive systems. This approach works wonders. I am still in awe of how simple these changes were and how big of an impact it had on my entire body. I would recommend working with Cyndi for any and all issues related to digestion and overall body health. These were profound changes for me."  

— Darin, Financial Planner, CO

"I was overweight, lethargic, suffered from sinusitis, usually inflamed, pre diabetes and on the verge of a fatty liver. Going into Cyndi's process I had a good understanding of nutrition, I was eating a balanced diet and stayed well within a 2500 calorie/day diet, exercised 2-3 times/week, but gained 5lbs/year for the last 7 years. No matter how much I exercised and tried to eat right, I was moving in the wrong direction...not even maintaining. Something tangible would be a smaller waist line. Something non tangible would be a dissection of my diet and symptoms, with a clear plan of how to address my issues by making small changes to my diet. Most importantly, a realistic, manageable plan going forward. I am 6’1” male and I was 234 lbs. in February. It is April 27th and I weigh 211 lbs. I am not exercising like I should but my weight continues to normalize, I have not had sinusitis issues since I changed my eating habits, my metabolism is acting like it should and I am no long lethargic because I don't experience blood sugar spikes/crashes throughout the day."  

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