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The Impact of Toxins on Health And Weight


Liver Toxicity, Blood Sugar Dysregulation, Neuro Toxins and Endotoxins

When diets are high in processed foods, sugar, omega 6 fats and low in fiber, the toxic bacteria grows and crosses the intestinal barrier

How toxins impact us…

•The body stores fat and re-program cells to become fat cells

•The liver becomes insulin resistant, the pancreas pump out more insulin that turns energy into fat all over the body

•Prevents leptin (a hormone that reduces appetite) from being released from your fat cells to tell your body you are full

Foods to eliminate:

•Processed foods

•Herbicides, pesticides, hormones injected into meats and dairy


•High fructose corn syrup/ fructose


•Farmed Fish

•Microwave popcorn

•Vegetables oils/ oil used when eating out

•Rice- has high levels of arsenic, brown rice has higher levels than white

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