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When You Feel Like Your Journey Started Late

Spiritual Journey

My connection to the universe, intuition and spiritual gifts were always there, but my life was filled (not fulfilled), so my journey always felt stalled. I had a job that put me away from home 2-3 weeks a month, was raising 2 daughters and trying to hold my SH..T together in-between, through relying on retail therapy and a vacation a year. 

Then it happened, my physical body gave in which finally got me to pay attention. It was a long healing journey that required me to look within, and deeper than I ever imagined. I was already doing transformational work through life coaching, journal writing, taking meditative/yoga retreats and working with multiple healers. Looking back, I was just touching the surface.

I’ve come to understand, I was always “right where I was supposed to be” and now “I’m right where I am” and fulfilled. Its easy to get caught up with feeling like your behind, or wishing the journey started earlier. I actually did start this journey younger, and I had to have every experience to get me where I am today.

If you are new to your journey or have a stalled journey, learning the person you are — wherever you are – is the gift, and whenever it starts or however it start and transforms, is exactly perfect for you.

The important piece is to keep showing up!

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