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Heal Your Relationship With Food: Akashic Records & Intuitive Eating

Akashic Records

To truly deepen our understanding of who we are, we must embrace our wounds and challenges and rediscover the parts of us that we lost along the way. These experiences influence us to seek a greater understanding, and I’ve found the wealth of information stored within our soul contracts and assignments can provide profound insights. Accessing the information in the Akashic Records can help us see beyond the obvious of how we live our lives day to day.

And this brings me to our various relationships with these challenges and wounds. In particular, the strong correlation I noticed between our relationship with food and our body imprinted in our soul contract. Recognizing this pattern helps us shed another layer of an old or outdated identity. It also helps us to understand and heal our relationship with food. 

A woman holding a bowl of yoghurt and granola in her hands, learning to eat intuitively

Emotional Vs Intuitive Eating: Connection between Food, Eating and Soul Contracts

Interacting personally with intuition and the Akashic Records for decades, I have discovered a strong vibrational connection between food, eating, and soul contracts. Surprisingly, the aspect of “Intuition” in intuitive eating is often overlooked, despite being the most challenging and crucial element. When in the midst of eating, especially emotional eating, intuition isn’t even considered. To truly embrace the “intuitive” part of intuitive eating, we must broaden our perspective and delve deeper into its essence. 

To support this, I have developed two workshop series: “Get to the Root Causes of Emotional Eating: A SoulBeings Approach” and “Intuitive Eating in the Akashic Records.”

How To Eat Intuitively: Understanding the Akashic Records and Soul Contracts

The Akashic Records are a vast container of high vibrational energy and information held within the Quantum field. They contain the collective record of your soul across all lifetimes, often referred to as the “Book of Life.” It’s a powerful tool that can provide insights about yourself, where you access various types of information to support your journey. 

Soul Contracts, on the other hand, are agreements that we make when we come into this lifetime. Within the Akashic Records, we can connect with our past lives, understand karmic relationships, and gain profound insights into our soul contracts. These agreements are designed to help us learn specific lessons and fulfil a certain purpose in our lives. Although these contracts are made prior to incarnating, we do have free will in how we respond and interact with them. 

Understanding your soul contracts can help you gain a new perspective on intuitive eating and transform your relationship with food. It can help you realize that your struggles with food are part of your healing journey as a soul. This allows you to make peace with your wounds and use them as opportunities for growth, healing and transformation, helping you to break free from emotional eating. 

How To Change Your Relationship With Food

Our relationship with food and eating is a complex one that requires an integrated approach to the body, mind, heart, and soul. By uncovering the root causes of emotional eating and exploring new perspectives through Intuitive Eating, you can embark on a transformative journey to heal your relationship with food and yourself. 

Join our workshop series to delve deeper into the SoulBeings approach and experience a profound shift in your relationship with food. Get in touch for more details. 

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