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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a vast etheric container of all knowledge. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “the Ethers.” Our past, present and future self – as well as the collective and you as an individual – are held together in a field of unconditional love open to change through free will. This field connects us to each other and everything we see, know and imagine through the collective, energy intelligence and the quantum. Many refer to the Akashic Records as The Records of our Soul or The Book of Life .

How are the Akashic Records accessed, and who does the guidance come from?

The Akashic Records Prayer– also referred to as the Akasha or Quantum Field – can be accessed through the 8th Chakra, spirit and/or angels. They are most easily accessed by setting an intention and using the sacred prayer (or vibrational key), which allows the access to be consistent, clear and constant. The sacred prayer came to the US through a Spanish nobleman Johnny Prochaska, who received the prayer in a ceremony from a Mayan woman in Mexico. In the records, we work with the Beings of Light – Akashic Masters, teachers, loved ones or guides – who are a group of non-physical, energetic beings of pure divine love. Some of the teachers and loved ones once existed as humans on Earth.

What is the purpose of accessing the Akashic Records?

The Records have unlimited potential when seeking answers and truth, receiving guidance and resolving outdated limiting patterns, beliefs and karma. We ask the Records questions using the Art of the Question.

I personally access the records when I am experiencing anything that leaves me with uncertainty and in need of clarity, such as health-related issues and symptoms, present and past emotions in need of healing, business direction, career and training opportunities, relationships, writing clarity and insight into my soul-life purpose.

*Note: The Soul Origins assessment© also provides clarity for soul-life purpose.

Can anyone learn the Akashic Records?

Yes, we all have the capacity to receive guidance!

Many of us already have strong intuition or developed abilities in other metaphysic modalities. If you aren’t sure if the information you receive is accurate or you aren’t sure where the information came from, you are not alone . That’s the beauty of being trained in the Akashic Records and receiving the sacred prayer; it doesn’t require previous experience, just a willingness to go within and trust. You can gain confidence that the information you receive in the Records is accurate by using a proven practice and gaining feedback from hands-on exercises.

Interested in learning the Akashic Records?

If you’d like information on the upcoming Akashic Records classes, please contact me and visit ​​ 

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