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Portals and the Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Spiritual realms and the Akashic Records-realms can access planes, parallels, and portals. 

Portal energy can enter and leave through the body, elements, sacred sites, thresholds, and other areas/items. Portals serve as a gateway, port of entry or passing through. They also represent new opportunities, progress, moving forward and different dimensions. 

In terms of energy, portals can also have limiting views. The portal door can be closed, the portal gate can be old or outdated, or the portal can have trapped energy. 

Checking the portals in the body supports overall health. These portals are in the chakras, eyes (seat of our soul), or anywhere in the body where there is continuous pain, weakness, or symptoms.

Portals carry lots of mystery and can be found in many places:

• Earth’s elements like caves or canyons, a profound mountain pass or waterfall and sacred land

• Ancient mysteries through castles, gates, entryways, bridges, and gardens 

• Quantum physics refers to portals as parallel universes and black holes

• Magically, they can be secret chambers, tunnels, trap doors or underground caverns 

• Mystically, we can use mirrors or crystal balls as portals 

• Spiritually, portals are symbolized through labyrinths, sacred altars, domes, shrines, or temples, the intuitive third eye, rainbows and sacred sites such as a Stonehedge.

Entering the Akashic Records Training opens a portal to insight, information, and wisdom that becomes available to us and continues to expand.

Whether you enter a portal to understand health issues, access past or parallel lives, or connect with magical gates and alchemy doors, explore the paradox with curiosity and go beyond the constraints of your physical world.

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