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• Cost $997.00, payments starting at $249.00
• This class is a hands-on comprehensive lab for Lightworkers, Energy Healers, Intuitives, Coaches and Mystics who have completed a Level 1 Training.
• Learn to open and access the Akashic Records for others - including businesses organizations and pets- to expand your clarity, insight and guidance and give accurate and effective readings
• Discover how you can incorporate your existing trainings and gifts in new ways using our Level 2 Core Practice, develop confidence in your ability to receive information for others
• Work with the Akashic energy and the Akashic Light Grid© to release the old patterns, karma, vows, and past-life traumas of your clients
• Increase your capacity to move through obstacles with greater ease and grace

september 23-25, 2022

Level 2: Akashic Light Grid Training

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Cost $18.00
Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of subtle energy which makes it easy to connect with Higher Realms, Guides and Angels. Kundalini Yoga class is for anyone interested in clearing stuck energy to feeling more connection, fulfillment and happiness within.
This class includes warm-ups, an exercise set (kriya), relaxation and a guided meditation to connect with Angels.

Friday September 30, 2022
Discover your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton, CO

Kundalini Yoga 
Connecting with Angels

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Cost $18.00
When we connect with these deeper aspects of ourselves or our bodies, we come to know our authentic self. This is experienced in the body as the Kundalini energy arises from the base of the spine and emerges through all of our energy portals - AKA our chakras - to deepening the body/mind/soul connection and further unites a mystical experience. 
This class includes warm-ups, an exercise set (kriya), relaxation and a guided meditation to Deepen Your Mystical Path.

saturday october 29, 2022
Discover your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton, CO

Kundalini Yoga 
Deepening Your Mystical Path 

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Join this retreat and give yourself the gifts of..
· Acknowledging the magic and letting go of attachments
· Connect to flow, synchronizes, and grace
· Learn the power of using mediation and journal writing together
· Experience peace with Primordial Sound Meditation. These are Mantras based on the vibration of the universe and parallel to when we incarnated
· Get set up with a reflective practice through the 2022 Seasons and Holidays


Investment of $77.00
This retreat is for those seeking inner peace and gratitude while completing Late Fall and releasing karma, to easily move into the energies of Winter with Grace and a Magical You!


sunday, November 13, 2022
Discover your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton, CO

Heart, Soul & Primordal SounD
Half Day Writing and Meditation REtreat



- Cyndi P Stewart, PHD

The more we discover who we are, the more we understand our health challenges, life purpose and soul assignment!

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