Would love for you to share what is going on for you with your health, wellness, career- business or soul journey and discuss your needs. Then learn how my approach works and see if it is a fit.

your overall symptoms looking at your physical health and soul-life purpose, so you are fulfilled versus filled!

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Yes, please refer to the resource page and we will discuss this in your session.

do you have venders and supplements you recommend?

Too many to list but at minimum any of Caroline Myss books, any Deepok Chopra books, any of the Medical Medium books, any Kundalini Yoga books and any books on Chakras.
My all time favorite is Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss.

what books do you recommend?

All of my services are designed to build the foundations of your physical body to support your overall life and soul growth and development. Setting up the complimentary consult gives us an opportunity to discuss what makes sense for you to start with.

what's the difference between your services?

I'm in Golden CO. I do see clients in person, if you are local or in town you can choose the in-person session, although many choose sessions on zoom. 

where are you located and do you see clients in person?

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how can i sign up for your emails?

That's common, please sign up for a complimentary consult so we can discuss what you're looking for and I can share my approach to see if its a fit.

what if i'm not sure what i need so i'm not sure what to sign up for?

Please refer to the course schedule for all of my classes.

when is your next class?

My own healing journey started me down a transformative path as I struggled with multiple health issues such as hashimoto’s, ménière’s disease, interstitial cystitis, MTHFR, leaky gut, candida, mold, hypoglycemia and uncontrollable sugar cravings. I ultimately regained my health with the technique I created and its the one I use with my clients. This process is called Nutritional Alchemy which involves a multi-dimensional approach with food as pharmacy, energy technologies, applied kinesiology and the Akashic Records.

how did i get started combining holistic health, energy medicine and spiritual well-being?

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