I've been to many Kinesiologist throughout my healing journey and was always intrigued by the process. When I made my shift into a full-time practitioner of the spiritual and healing arts, I knew Kinesiology was going to be one of the modalities.

I started taking Kinesiology workshops and then became a certified Biochemical Kinesiologist. Being a seeker, I still wanted to learn more but didnt know of a course like this one. I stumbled upon this course while searching on the internet for spiritual kinesiology and chakra kinesiology.

 The Intro class was starting in 2 days, so I trusted my intuition and signed up. After the first class I quickly knew this was exactly what I was searching for. I'm so thrilled I took this path, my clients are getting great results and I love the teachings. 

If you are a coach, health and wellness practitioner, lightwork, energy healer. bodyworker, or anyone looking to a new career in the spiritual and healing arts and kinesiology, this training will give you what you are seeking. 

Cyndi Stewart, Phd

This course is life changing...

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