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are you experiencing any of the following?

Don't know what to eat anymore, Food Intolerances
Brain Fog, Fatigue, Trouble Focusing 
Vertigo, Ménière’s disease
Thyroid, Hashimoto's
Digestive Imbalances
Autoimmune Disease
Perimenopause and Hormonal Changes
Just feel off and blood work is normal  
Soul Cravings and Spiritual Yearning  
Unresolved Health Issues

then it's time to get to the root causes!


what is functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition is the connection between food choices and healing the body, bringing in depleted nutrients from a disease or illness. By targeting your diet we promote the body’s ability to feel better. 

As an alternative health practitioner, my priority is to investigate the connection to your current situation, challenges and lifestyle, and provide the necessary tools, techniques and coaching to support you through your experiences. 

I may work closely with your doctor and the allopathic community if needed, especially if you need specific blood work and testing. 


what is bioenergetic testing

The Qest4 Bioenergetic device balances energetic patterns in the body.
The Qest4 Bioenergetic testing device provides a holistic view of the entire body and presents information of stressed and weakened energetic states through;
• organ imbalances
• food sensitives
• hormones and metabolic imbalances
• mental patterns and neurotransmitter deficiencies
• toxin exposures
• pathogenic patterns
• environmental sensitivities
• emotional patterns and imbalances

The Qest4 also provides a unique way to balance the body based on energetic patterns and regimens. This comprehensive analysis supports the body with energetic balancing and recommended supplements and/or tinctures that are uniquely tailored to your health and well-being needs and goals.

This device operates in person or remotely.


What to expect from a bioenergetic/functional nutrition session?

Everyone and their bodies needs are unique, so we discuss ways to approach your specific needs in the consultation. 

I ask you to complete your intake form and share your goals before we move on to exploring what your body needs through Kinesiology and muscle testing


— Kristin, CO

"I’ve had medical issues related to digestion since 17 and I’m currently 36. I’ve worked with half a dozen gastroenterologist and a few research hospitals for my digestive issues including the Mayo Clinic and few of these doctors addressed the whole body as a complete system The major difference in working with Cyndi is that we looked at issues outside of the digestive systems. This approach works wonders. I am still in awe of how simple these changes were and how big of an impact it had on my entire body. I would recommend working with Cyndi for any and all issues related to digestion and overall body health. These were profound changes for me."

— Natalie, Photographer, CO

"I am so thankful that I found Cyndi! When I came to her, I was struggling with a fatty liver (among other things), which other healthcare professionals told me that if I lost weight it would fix all my problems. Not Cyndi though! Cyndi walked me through all my symptoms and problems. She helped me realize and understand how everything is connected and how we could begin to repair my health. Currently down 25lbs, and my blood work is looking better than ever. I no longer have gallbladder attacks or constant headaches. Cyndi has helped me make lifestyle changes, while supporting my whole person not just one symptom or another."

— Darin, Financial Planner, CO

"I was overweight, lethargic, suffered from sinusitis, usually inflamed, pre diabetes and on the verge of a fatty liver. Going into Cyndi's process I had a good understanding of nutrition, I was eating a balanced diet and stayed well within a 2500 calorie/day diet, exercised 2-3 times/week, but gained 5lbs/year for the last 7 years. No matter how much I exercised and tried to eat right, I was moving in the wrong direction...not even maintaining. Something tangible would be a smaller waist line. Something non tangible would be a dissection of my diet and symptoms, with a clear plan of how to address my issues by making small changes to my diet. Most importantly, a realistic, manageable plan going forward. I am 6’1” male and I was 234 lbs. in February. It is April 27th and I weigh 211 lbs. I am not exercising like I should but my weight continues to normalize, I have not had sinusitis issues since I changed my eating habits, my metabolism is acting like it should and I am no long lethargic because I don't experience blood sugar spikes/crashes throughout the day."


what people are saying 

FOOD SENSITIVITIES BODy, mind and soul infographic & Guide

Struggling with Food Sensitivities?
The Healing Journey involves a Body, Mind, and Soulful level!
Download a copy of the Food Sensitives Infographic and Solutions Guide, also this article will support your journey.

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In the World of Quantum Physics, Arjun Walia explains that atoms are made out of invisible energy. That means that humans, who are built of atoms, are therefore, also made of energy. In fact, each of us radiates our own unique energy signature. (Nothing Is Solid & Everything Is Energy)

This concept is standard in quantum physics, which also states that there is a connection between information, subtle energy, and human consciousness. 

This has led to the creation of practical Energy Technology Tools to improve our lives.

Electronic frequencies influences microcurrent communication with cells, using the “language” of frequencies. The application counteracts the extracellular hyperacidity and increases natural cell membrane tension and restores health.

What is
Energy Technology?

Energy Technology

The Rife is an electromedical machine, similar to an EKG or MRI, which uses energy frequencies to stimulate and normalize the body’s cells and tissues. This type of frequency therapy stimulates the body so as to make the flow of ions more efficient (Eversole, 2013). The Rife can reduce medical costs, visits, and stress. Experienced users recover from most problems without ever having to risk the harmful side effects of prescription drugs. Some of the many conditions the Rife supports are chronic fatigue, yeast, mold, parasites, digestive issues, adrenals, mind, and moods.

Sessions with the Rife are offered in-person.


Healy is a new breakthrough in Energy Technology. It’s an affordable and convenient way to restore health on a mind, body and soul level .

Healy is a microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress. 
Healy is also great for symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, stomach distress, EMF protection, mental/mind support, fitness goals, skin elasticity, chakra & auras balancing and much more.

Sessions with the Healy are offered in-person and remotely. Healy is also available to purchase. Training video.


The CGAM Body Charger uses static electricity from negative ions to charge the body. Negative ions serve the human body by strengthening the functions of autonomic nerves and improving the permeability of the cell's prototype plasma membranes. Among other things, this means boosting your metabolism. Chronic symptoms or a decline in health can spawn low-voltage cells, which further contribute to an imbalanced body. You can create new, healthy cells through nutrition, removing toxins, and increasing voltage. The body charger supports the full body system by detoxifying the liver and lymph, increasing energy, and decreasing inflammation.

Sessions with the Body Charger are offered in-person.

CGAM Body Charger

LLLT is a low intense light therapy commonly used to improve wound healing and reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. It uses phototherapy, often from a red or near-infrared laser such as (LED). LLLT laser uses light to trigger biochemical changes within the cells, and it triggers chemical changes. Importantly, research studies have shown therapeutic efficacy for a wide range conditions in humans without any adverse side-effects. (Schiffer et al., 2009).

LLLT is a viable treatment for neurological conditions, including unexplainable brain fog and vertigo. For brain fog, studies found that LLLT could reverse memory degradation and induce improved cognitive performance (Michalikova et al., 2008). Additionally, a study was conducted using low-level laser therapy with Ménière's disease and the number and duration of dizzy spells were significantly reduced.

Sessions with the LLLT are offered in-person

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Energy Devices

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The Evolution of Wellbeing and Nutrition AlchemyToday, health is defined by proactivity taking responsibility for how we feel and the absence of disease. Wellbeing involves what you’re eating, restoring nutritional deficiencies, how you’re digest, movement, stress reduction, energy and overall, how you’re living.

It’s important to be prepared for anything and ensure you and your family are well-stocked with high quality nutrients to support wellbeing. I use Metagenics, because their supplement are high quality with a targeted approach to address symptoms and defining what it means to be healthy to support wellness goals.

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