Increasing your intuitive and creative connection through movement

Join Kundalini yoga classes online or in person.


Kundalini yoga is a beautiful way to work with simple poses and breath for movement. 

It is a great addition to spiritual work because it's the yoga of subtle energy. This union of the physical body with the subtle energy bodies is created through simple poses, mudra, mantra, breathing techniques and meditation.

Kundalini Yoga classes are designed to increase our intuition and creativity and transform our lives through developing the third eye and increasing the energy of our subtle bodies.

why kundalini yoga?

  • Brief Intro to Kundalini Yoga and Breath
  • Intro to Class Topic (new topic each class)
  • Tune in and Warm up exercises
  • Kriya (set of poses)
  • Meditation 
  • Grounding and Close
• Share how you want to feel in your body and achieve in life, such as, 
  • Improve your Health, i.e. digestion, liver detox, energy, thyroid, etc.
  • Feel emotionally balanced, i.e. less anxiety, depression, feeling stuck, etc.
  • Enhance Spiritual Path and Intuition development 
• Learn about Kundalini Yoga and Breath
• Have a Kriya designed for you
• Tune in and warm up exercises
• Kriya (set of poses)
• Meditation, grounding and close 

How a Kundalini Yoga
Class is structured

have kundalini yoga designed specially for you!

In person or on Zoom

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Celebrating Rituals and Radiance and Manifesting
• Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, Littleton, CO
• 9:30a-10:45a

Sunday, December 10, 2023
Inperson and Zoom


Join Kundalini Yoga group classes and be part of the vibrational energy of a group.  

Example of group topics include positive body image, connecting with angels, increase energy and vitality. 

Classes available on Zoom and in-person at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton, CO

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Kundalini Yoga and Activating the Chakras
• Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, Littleton, CO
• 9:30a-10:45a

Sunday, October 8, 2023
In person and Zoom

Kundalini Yoga is the Movement of Subtle Energy

Everything that happens in the physical body first happens in the subtle body.

Spiritual energy flows from the subtle to the physical,

so it’s important that the subtle body remains balanced, clear, and aligned with the physical body!

What is Kundalini Yoga and Why We Feel Called to Movement on our Spiritual-Healing Journey


kundalini yoga videos to get you prepared

Cyndi's been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over 15 years and completed her training at Kundalini University, a Yoga Alliance RYT 200-Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training certification taught by Guru Singh and Brett Larkin. Guru Singh is a student of the masters Paramahansa Yogananda and Yogi Bhajan. Cyndi also studied Compassionate Kundalini Yoga with Ravi Singh. Cyndi completed her 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification through Uplifted with Brett Larkin. 

“ We are not here to prove, we are here to improve.”
                                                              - GURU SINGH

Cyndi uses Kundalini yoga to keep her body flexible, calm the nervous system, diminish brain fog, improve her digestion and liver functioning, and increase her intuitive connection. 

Cyndi incorporates Kundalini yoga into to the healing plan with Nutritional Alchemy and Spiritual Path Coaching. 

Meet Cyndi,
Your kundalini yoga teacher


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