Seek answers and truth, receiving guidance through your akashic records and resolve outdated limiting patterns, beliefs and karma. 

Akashic Records Reading helps you to discover your life’s purpose, gain clarity and increase your spiritual connection.

Book your Akashic Records session online or in-person to move past confusion, overwhelm and being weighted down by all the decisions in life. 


Your Time Is Now.

Are you SEEKING a breakthrough, a change to your everyday life?

How to know your life and/or soul purpose 

Why you aren't healing or moving forward

How to experience greater joy

How to get unstuck

What's holding you back

 It’s more vast than intuition because Akashic Records Reading helps you access a vast etheric container of all past, present and future knowledge and wisdom. You can uncover: 

Insight, Healing, and Guidance

The Akashic Records are accessed for information,
They provide


—  Nancy Ann Key, Transformational Guide

The joy and the clarity I've received in the Akashic Records has changed my life - having my own intuition affirmed, as well as receiving specific suggestions on how to navigate my path at this particular time in my life.

The Akashic Records detect energy blockages that could be contributing to our ability to heal 

The Akashic records are your soul's journey and the Akashic energy, like cellular memory, hold your thoughts and feelings. The magic of reading your Akashic Records is the ability to also understand your energy state.

Ability to Heal

Future Insight

The Akashic Records can be accessed for past, presnt and future insight 

Akashic Records Reading is not the same as working with a psychic. The future records share options and choices, your personal actions shape your future direction and outcomes.

This Akasha realm, also referred to as the Quantum, is a vast etheric container of all knowledge, which is held together in a field of unconditional love.

Gain Clarity

gain clarity, more energy, raise your vibration and increase your spiritual connection

WHat Can you gain from akashic records reading?

Book a Consult or Session

Clarification and what next steps make sense for you!

you'll leave with:

The session starts with a Sacred Vibration Key to open your Records

The session is an interactive exchange by asking questions of the records

I share information received in words, images, and energy 

I'll also scan your body for health concerns and energetic blockages

What can you expect from
Akashic Records reading session?

— Jabreilla, CO

"I’ve known Cyndi as a colleague and friend for a few years, yet her healing gifts came to me at the most appropriate & most needed time. I am truly grateful to have found her powerful, smart, amazing, and direct no non-sense approach to what my soul & body wanted. Her ability to see all levels of work needed and which were more important to assist at that time and which may ‘adjust’ and transform by healing the others with the open option to always revisit later is what makes a great healer. This is Cyndi! If you want someone to get to the depth of your need so you can move forward, I highly recommend working with her."

— Chris Coward, Executive Coach, CO

ii. "Cyndi read my Akashic Records for a one hour session and it was truly enlightening and helpful! I came to the reading very curious with specific questions that were big for me about past trauma, my career path and purpose. Her approach with me was very open and non-directive which made me feel at choice and empowered with the information she downloaded to me. Almost one year later the information is still very relevant and helped inform my actions over the last year. Wow! I highly recommend working with Cyndi."

— Erica, CO

"I would absolutely recommend Cyndi to anyone! She is unbelievably knowledgeable and talented in nutrition, amazing recipes, supporting each individual with their different restrictions/needs and she has a very special spiritual gift! She has changed my life with her spiritual connection reading my Akashic Records, helping get my nutrition in order and keeping me sane. I love working with Cyndi, all of her different talents will change your life from the inside out! Thank you Cyndi, you are such a gift to this world and incredibly talented and anyone who works with you will be forever changed for the better!"  

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