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The Differences between Intuition and the Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Intuition vs. the Akashic Records 

• What is Intuition?

• What challenges are presented by intuition?

• How does accessing the Akashic Records allow a different perspective?

Intuition is a sensing of energy, and everyone has the ability to use it; it’s a matter of tapping into it. Working in the Akashic Records – also referred to as the Akasha or Quantum Field – offers a deeper and more direct way to receive information.

Intuition is a process that involves drawing from memory or past experiences through knowledge acquired, perception and connecting the dots or patterns. Intuition uses “gut feelings,” which are a physical indicator that the brain has made a decision.

Intuition offers quick insight without relying on reason, understanding of something immediate and freedom from over processing.

The challenge I hear from most is that intuition is unpredictable and/or inconsistent. For intuition to be helpful and without interferences, it needs to be free from:

  • wishful thinking;
  • ego;
  • fear;
  • limited beliefs; and
  • emotional responses. 

Since intuition is our gut instinct or sense that offers us feedback on how we feel about something based on our past experiences and fears, this can be useful but not always reliable.

Working in the Akashic Records – also referred to as the Akasha or Quantum Field – offers a deeper and more direct way to receive information. The Akashic Records Light Grid Method uses a sacred prayer (or vibrational key), which acts as a key to enter the Akasha realm, Quantum or 8th chakra. Carl Jung refers to this realm as the collective unconscious.

This realm is a vast etheric container of all knowledge, which is held together in a field of unconditional love. We can access our past, present and future self in the Akasha, and this field connects us to each other and everything we see, know and imagine. The beauty of the records is the amount information that is available to us and the fact that it is:

  • clear;
  • consistent;
  • direct; and 
  • vast

Many refer to the Akashic Records as The Records of our Soul or The Book of Life. 

In the records, we work with Beings of Light. They do not have individual identities, personalities, names, responsibilities, or egos; therefore, there is no connection to our emotions or experiences that we may be struggling with. They are just full of high vibrational light, and provide information without interferences.

Anyone can be trained in the Akashic Records Prayer and receive the sacred vibrational key (or prayer); it doesn’t require previous experience, just a willingness to go within and trust. You can gain confidence that the information you receive in the Records is accurate by using a proven practice, having hands-on exercises, and receiving feedback from trained professional facilitators of the craft.

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