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If Your Spiritual Journey Feels Stalled, Include The Subtle Bodies

Spiritual Journey

Everything is energy. Including the food we eat, the thoughts we have and the emotions we feel. We have an interconnected field of energy around the physical body that is commonly known as the auric field or subtle bodies. Information, feelings, and experiences are processed through the subtle energy fields. If they aren’t attended to and become stuck, it causes a disruption in the energy flow. This disruption eventually enters the physical body and can impact our wholeness. 

Taking a “true” full-body approach to health and well-being includes; food as pharmacy, chakras as clear channels, emotions as energetic experiences, thoughts for fulfillment and the spiritual body as our soul origins. Since energy moves to each body through the chakras and eventually impacts the physical body, a full-body approach can’t be ignored.

If you are sensitive or an empath, most likely you have perceived one or more of these subtle bodies. Although, anyone can be trained to see or feel these fields if they have an open mind, a willingness to learn and trust.

Below is a summary of each body and their significance;

The Physical Body is the only body that isn’t subtle.

  • The physical body is solid and has a vibration level slow enough for us to perceive it.
  • The physical body is at the center of multiple layers of subtle energies and is created from and sustained by these energetic layers. Through the chakras, each body in the energy fields is connected to the physical body .

The Etheric Body commonly used with color therapy includes energy medicine techniques such as chakra medicine, meridians which are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and auras.

  • The etheric body directly interfaces with the physical body; therefore, ill health can be addressed here before settling into the physical energy.
  • Nadis, aka prana, are tubes or channels where subtle energies flow, they work closely with the nervous system and intertwine with the chakras.

The Emotional Body (or Astral Body) holds our reactions to traumatic and emotional experiences such as fear, anxiety, love, grief, anger, and happiness.

  • If not addressed or cleared, the energy in this body can become trapped and these triggers and patterns will continue to repeat.
  • The experiences in this body can also include past lives.

The Mental Body is where we process ideas, organize thoughts, and form beliefs.

  • This body also reviews our life experiences which can lead to rationalization or understanding . Our ego takes shape in the mental body, including who you “think” you should be…or need to be.
  • If mental thoughts aren’t processed, these stuck energies are sent to the emotional body and create a response.

Spiritual or Causal Body is consciousness, your higher self and connection with universal energies.

  • Here the soul is manifested, and time and space do not exist. In this body, our souls’ purpose, along with our soul origins are in alignment which brings harmony to our physical body and distracts from dis-ease.
  • Many feel their intuition getting stronger and their heart chakra opening. This body is one of unity, the collective consciousness and unconditional love for all.

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