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Weight Loss Resistance and the Spiritual Healing Journey

Spiritual Journey

Our souls are on many journey’s in a lifetime, such as a spiritual journey, a career-business journey, a relationship journey and a healing journey. 

“Weight loss resistance, out of all the healing journeys brings out loud and clear the Self’s.”

At the beginning when starting a new food or diet plan, its self-love. 

  • We are excited, inspired and feeling self-confident. In the middle of this change and after a few slip ups, its self-sabotage and our self-will is needed to stay the course. 
  • We start buying any diet pill or schemes that promises to save us from our-self. If this miracle pill doesn’t do what it says, then the effort is dismissed until further notice. 
  • This triggers feelings of lack, i.e. self-esteem, self-worth, self-acceptance, and without any consideration for self-compassion, so over all, it feels like self-shame.

Why does this pattern occur again and again? 

First, we get the calling to start with healthy choices or a diet and we feel confident, which is important, yet, we forgo tapping into our past successes, working through our past challenges & identities, and considering what approach our soul needs at this point in our journey. 

  • For example, if weight watchers worked you in your 20s, say you are now 45, and you’re wondering 25 years later why that approach isn’t working for you now. 
  • Consider this, how relatable are you now to anything in your 20s, let alone your food behaviors and food interests?

Here is where I connect with the healing journey. If you have knowledge of the Hero’s Journey, this is “the call” to adventure or transformation. Its acknowledging endings and old identities and using your wounds as wisdom. 

Weight loss resistance, body image, food choices and eating are not about perfection, its the progress, the journey (or adventure), the inner work and transformation that leads to the outer physical transformation. Similar to any other soul journey.

The hero’s journey is my go-to when a pattern is stuck, when I need a deeper perspective or a new look within and I want to spark a readiness for change. 

  • How or what are the nugget’s (or teachings) from my journey that my soul is experiencing in this human life. 
  • Many times, the outer transformation is the go-to first because it fits societal norms and can have a definitive approach, i.e. drink shakes for 30 days, go to the gym 3x a week, take Vit D.

Its really the inner transformation that is needed first, which includes thoughts and behaviors, and is approached on a physical, emotional, heart, and soulful level that leads to the outer transformation.

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