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Energy Medicine: End Brain Fog, Vertigo, and Leaky Brain with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

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Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

I have such a strong enthusiasm for Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) providing relief from unbearable brain fog and vertigo, as this viewpoint comes from my personal healing journey and professional training. There was a time when I struggled with unbearable brain fog, sometimes also with vertigo. I did get the diagnosis of Meniere’s disease after years of suffering, but that was it, their wasn’t any options for the debilitating symptoms.

During this time I was unable to focus, I was constantly at a loss for words and I struggled functioning with basic things. I used to work 50 hours + a week, with travel and handling multiple projects, timelines and tasks; so I was at a loss when my brain function was that of an 80 yr old. I’m addition, I would have unpredictable dizzy spells and vertigo from Meniere’s. This left me feeling debilitated at times.

Since I started with LLLT, I feel like myself again. I rarely get any dizzy spells and as soon as I feel the brain fog coming on, I have a session with and I can function again.

** Please Note : The overall key to reducing brain fog and vertigo is reducing inflammation in the body, especially the gut and brain. This involves a anti-inflammatory diet food (partially hydrogenated oil you consume when eating out), adding in supplements, drinking filtered water, and being chemical free with your bath and beauty products, including cleaning supplies. To understand the gut – brain connection, refer to my article called “Leaky Gut… Have You Heard of Leaky Brain And What To Do!”

LLLT is a low intense light therapy commonly used to improve wound healing and reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. It uses phototherapy, often from a red or near-infrared laser such as (LED). LLLT laser uses light to trigger biochemical changes within the cells, and it triggers chemical changes. Importantly , research studies have shown therapeutic efficacy for a wide range conditions in humans without any adverse side-effects . (Schiffer et al., 2009).

The article, The Nuts and Bolts of Low-level Laser (Light) Therapy, explains not only can LLLT be used for wound healing and reducing inflammation from injuries or chronic diseases, its also considered as a viable treatment for neurological conditions, including unexplainable brain fog and vertigo. This research shared LLLT showed neuro improvements, which includes the growth and development of nervous tissue and movement of neurons. (Chung, etal., 2012).

For brain fog, studies found that LLLT could reverse memory degradation and induce improved cognitive performance (Michalikova et al., 2008). Additionally, a study was conducted using low-level laser therapy with Ménière’s disease and the number and duration of dizzy spells were significantly reduced.

If you suffer with brain fog and/or vertigo, or have Meniere’s, I know personally how you feel. If you are ready to get your life back, including focus and ending dizzy spells; allow for a Root Cause Approach to healing.

To learn about my approach using the technique I created and used to heal myself, which includes nutrition, energy technology and energy medicine, contact me to set up a complimentary consult.


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  1. MsBeachLizard says:

    What is the difference between this and red/NIR light therapy? I’ve been suffering with Menieres for most of my adult life–diagnosed in 1995. I’m looking at the red/NIR light therapy for this (as well as other inflammatory autoimmune issues). Would love your thoughts.

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