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When to Use Energy Medicine Technologies for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Holistic Health

Have you considered seeking relief for your health without the negative side effects, added toxins, and unnecessary fillers of medication?

Some choose to explore alternative therapies because their condition doesn’t have a pharmaceutical option or their current traditional approach isn’t providing relief. Others just prefer a holistic health path. Whatever the reason, energy medicine is a highly effective, alternative approach to health, wellness, and symptom relief.

These energy-based treatments, which are not standard in Western medicine, include nutrition therapies, frequency therapies like energy machines (discussed further below), and subtle energy therapies like Chakra healing, light healing, and other energy-moving techniques. With the rising recognition of energy-based systems such as acupuncture and Ayurveda, it’s no wonder that other energy-anatomy practices are also getting noticed.

This article is designed to provide clarity on what energy work and energy technologies are and how you can get relief.

Energy Technologies Explained

Our bodies are made up of energy called the human biofield . The book Energy Medicine Technologies explains that we are electromagnetic beings made up of vibrations, and are therefore sensitive to energy fields and environmental influences that affect our electromagnetic system. This may sound complicated, but stay with me, as this article shares a manageable understanding of energy and quantum physics.

In the article “Nothing Is Solid & Everything Is Energy – Scientists Explain The World of Quantum Physics,” Arjun Walia explains that atoms are made out of invisible energy. That means that humans, who are built of atoms, are therefore, also made of energy. In fact, each of us radiates our own unique energy signature.

This concept is standard in quantum physics, which also states that there is a connection between information, subtle energy, and human consciousness. Knowing this has led to the creation of practical tools to improve our lives, which is great because more than we realize, our bodies are being impacted by hidden dangers, such as chemical toxins and heavy metals.

Thankfully, it’s possible to repair our health by bringing healthy energy back into the body. With additional concerns like environmental problems and EMFs (electromagnetic fields produced by electrically charged objects), it’s no surprise that energy medicine is gaining popularity.

Those who are particularly taken by these discoveries in quantum physics may be interested in subtle energy healing techniques like Reiki, Chakra healing, energy medicine (see the part 2 blog) or energy machines, such as the Rife (1st picture) and CGAM Body Charger (2nd picture) for overall health, immune boosting, hormone balancing, digestion challenges, liver-toxin overload and chronic fatigue.


Energy Machines (Rife and CGAM)

The Rife is an electromedical machine, similar to an EKG or MRI, which uses energy frequencies to stimulate and normalize the body’s cells and tissues. This type of frequency therapy stimulates the body so as to make the flow of ions more efficient (Eversole, 2013). The Rife can reduce medical costs, visits, and stress. Experienced users recover from most problems without ever having to risk the harmful side effects of prescription drugs. Some of the many conditions the Rife supports are chronic fatigue, yeast, mold, parasites, digestive issues, adrenals, mind, and moods.

The CGAM Body Charger uses static electricity from negative ions to charge the body. Negative ions serve the human body by strengthening the functions of autonomic nerves and improving the permeability of the cell’s prototype plasma membranes. Among other things, this means boosting your metabolism. Chronic symptoms or a decline in health can spawn low-voltage cells, which further contribute to an imbalanced body. You can create new, healthy cells through nutrition, removing toxins, and increasing voltage. The body charger supports the full body system by detoxifying the liver and lymph, increasing energy, and decreasing inflammation.

At my wellness-healing space, I work with clients using the Rife machine and/or the CGAM Body Charger, depending on their wellness and life goals.

Schedule a complimentary consult to learn if Energy Technology is right for you, click below.

Note: These devices are not FDA approved or registered.


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