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What to know about your Spiritual Relationship with Food?

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I love this question, especially this time of the year when food becomes the focus of year-end ceremonies and rituals. It’s fun planning the food and wine, yet, for me, the next day when I connect with my body, my decisions don’t feel so good.

For many of us, when we were growing up, having special foods or eating out was mostly reserved for birthdays or other special occasions. Nowadays, it’s normal in our culture to eat out every day and share celebration regularly (birthdays, anniversaries, happy hour, social events, etc.). As a result, our relationship with food is much different than it used to be. If we feel eating out and celebrations are special, yet occur regularly, then having a solid understanding of our relationship with food is even more important.

Should our beliefs about food and our values of healthy eating change that much because we are spending more time with friends and family? If one is on a spiritual or transformational path, how does one’s relationship with food fit into that path?

It feels good to have a purpose or direction and to align with values in many areas of life, whether it be career, parenting, dating, or a healing journey. Adding in this deeper connection and relationship with food provides inspiration, builds onto your identity, and leads to fulfillment. The same cannot be said of the alternative of leaving the unconscious in control.

When we are left to the unconscious, the dreadful “whys” take over. Why do I have no control? Why did I eat that? Only to move onto the “whys” in other areas of our life. These “whys” take us down the same old path, trigging us to feel safe and secure, which ultimately keeps us stuck and comfortable.

Sound familiar?

So, rather than dwelling on unhealthy habits, prepare for a new direction by reflecting on your spiritual relationship with food. Here are four perspectives to get you started!

Self-love and compassion are my sacred gifts 

Self-love and compassion exist deep in our soul. Food gives us energy and health. Therefore, choose foods with self-love, independent of anyone or anything.

Food is a spiritual journey 

Food has influence over our body, physically and energetically, and gives us nourishment to thrive, not just survive. A spiritual or transformational journey includes soulful (versus numbing) food choices made with gratitude.

Food feeds our soul 

If food provides energy, it has its own vibration. The vibration of our food choices has a profound impact on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The question, “what is your relationship with food?” needs to be asked from your soul and without all the noise and distractions of cravings, fears, unconsciousness, and self-doubts.

Loss of Control and the Heart Chakra 

What is so interesting about food is that it’s something we have full control over. We get to choose what we eat. Many overeat when feeling a loss of control in other areas of their life, such as career or relationships. This is when you involve your Heart Chakra. Here is your emotional wisdom and willpower center. The heart wants to be conscious and connected to your soul.

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