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What to do When Feeling Stuck, Uninspired and Heavy Energy

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When experiencing feeling stuck, uninspired and heavy energy, it is easy to fall into societal norms assuming you are prone to sadness or depressive states. If you are like me, this kind of energy makes it very difficult to focus, and many turn to food and/or alcohol to soothe these feelings. I know this soothing approach personally as I have worked to dissolve this cycle myself.

Why do I feel heavy energy and stuck?

If you’re an empath, you most likely know you are sensitive to others’ feelings and emotions. You pick up or feel their energy without even knowing. If you are new to connecting with your intuition and transformational work, you will start to become more sensitive to your own energy and others’ energy as you raise your vibration. Every thought or feeling has a vibration. For example, becoming conscious of the foods you eat or conscious of your thoughts can raise your vibration.

Why is it so difficult this time of the year?

The energy is different as we come to another year-end cycle. Year-end brings upon reflection and evaluation of what we have become in the last year and how we wish to proceed into the new year. It’s a combination of endings, celebration, reflection and new possibilities. This change in the vibrational energy can be powerful because it’s also part of the collective. The “collective” is unintended, conscious or unconscious vibrations between people, defined as “a felt sense of energy, rhythm, or intuitive knowing that occurs in a group of human beings”. The term collective unconsciousness was coined by Jung who describes it as a universal library of human knowledge. Since the collective is more than just yourself, others’ energy can feel like it’s yours.

What to do?

The first thing I do is ask myself, “is this really my energy or someone else’s?” This is important to start to identify how your energy feels versus energy from others.

How to connect with your energy. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and feel in your body where you’re stuck, uninspired and/or experiencing heavy energy.

  • Ask yourself, have I done or said anything to myself recently that may have made me feel powerless, e.g. “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t trust anyone”, or “I can’t do this”. If so, this may be your energy.
  • If you don’t recall doing anything recently that has made you feel powerless, good chance it’s others’ energy you’re feeling. Next, think if anyone close to you is going through a rough time, i.e., kids, family, or friends. Reaching out to them may help them and you.
  • This stuck energy may also be part of the collective. If so, see below “4 ways to move energy.”

4 ways to move stuck energy

1. Get moving. When the body moves physically, it releases old energy and toxins, and its releases physical toxins as well as emotional toxins, which makes it easier for your mind to get unstuck. This can include simple movement; such as taking a brisk walk in the mall, playing with the dogs and kids in the park, going to a yoga class, etc.

2. Food choices. Food is energy and has its own vibration which impacts how we feel. Review what you ate in the last few days. If it’s been low-vibration foods (sugar, non-organic dairy, processed foods and unhealthy fats), bring in extra high-vibration foods such as leafy greens, green juice drinks, flax seeds and protein smoothies.

3. Get clarity on your yearly goals. Uncompleted, ignored goals can zap energy. Review your goals, list the ones that aren’t completed and decide;

  • Do I still need this goal? Yes or No?
  • If yes, do I need to complete this goal this year? If so, list the actions needed to complete it with due dates. If the goal can wait, move the goal to next year.
  • If not, do I need to let go of this goal? Sometimes goals make sense when they are created and due to life circumstances, it doesn’t fit anymore. If this is the case, cross it off the list.
  • Another option, revise it and complete the goal this year or move it to next year.

4. Have an energy-healing session. When the energy is overwhelming, it’s helpful to have a practitioner move your energy for you. I must work with practitioners to move my energy when it is overwhelming.

My approach to energy medicine is working in the Akashic Records Training. The Akashic records are your soul’s journey and the Akashic energy, like cellular memory, holds your thoughts and feelings. The magic of reading your Akashic Records is the ability to also understand your energy state. Also, working in the records can identify if the energy is from others or the collective that could be contributing to your inability to focus and move forward.

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