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Leaky Gut… Have You Heard of Leaky Brain And What To Do!

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Gluten sensitivities are on the rise due to the way wheat is farmed and processed, it’s not the gluten our ancestors experienced. The gluten of today is made through a process called hybridization which creates an inflammatory response in our body. Chronic inflammation can lead to joint pain, headaches, fatigue, allergies and food sensitivities.If you have a sensitivity to gluten, it leads to inflammation in the body. In addition, if you have autoimmune, it attacks the body including the brain, called Leaky Brain

Most are familiar with the effects of gluten on digestion, but most aren’t aware that after the gut, the brain and nervous system are the most common to suffer the impact. Some individuals like myself have symptoms in the brain and nervous system (I had memory loss and panic attacks) but without any digestive symptoms. An article titled “the gluten syndrome: a neurological disease” shows gluten sensitivity can directly harm the brain and nervous system.

So here is the most important information. Gluten free (GF) products, which many have switched to after removing gluten are cross reacting foods. This means they are biochemically similar to gluten in the body. The known ones are oats, casein (found in dairy), yeast, sesame and some instant coffee. Many other foods are being tested and we are waiting for this updated list to be published. Cross reacting means the proteins are similar to gluten in the body. Many have turned to GF products made of corn, rice, soy and quinoa thinking I’m eating good and GF. Now sensitivities are developing for these foods as well, especially if you have leaky gut. Also, many of these GF foods are processed and GMO and difficult to digest. If one has leaky gut, even beans and legumes are difficult to digest and are best to avoid until after the healing phase.

If you are experiencing brain fog, take a 3 day vacation from these foods and see if it starts to clear. It may take a few weeks to lift the fog but you’ll feel relief after 3 days. You also would benefit from an elimination diet for 10 days and adding in supplements to reduce inflammation.

If you have known autoimmune and don’t have any brain or digestive symptoms, you may be thinking…  I’m fine. If this is you, I was the same way. Here is the issue. First stage is referred to as a “silent state” of brain inflammation. Then, if you start showing signs of a slower thought process and thinking your memory is really changing for my age, you may be entering into the second stage of brain inflammation. It’s very important you take charge of this before moving to the next stage, which may lead to a true disease.

I know personally the most difficult part is how to make the transition to a different lifestyle for you and your family. Getting support with food options is key, always being prepared and planning for the week makes a huge difference. A life of running out the door thinking I’ll pick something up on the way will need to tweaked, but it also enters you into a new phase. You will get to know your kitchen again, make wholesome food choices you feel good about and sharing what you have learned with family and friends.

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