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One Thing To Do If You Haven’t Met Your Health and Diet Goals

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Is another year about to go by and you haven’t met your health and wellness goals? Since there is less than two months left in 2015, start one of these items now for a strong start in 2016.

1)  Review or establish your why? Are you clear on why you really want to make changes? I find those who say it’s because they want to lose weight (which answers “what” they want), isn’t necessarily a compelling enough reason for changing food choices. You still need a reason “why”. For example; I want to live healthy with my spouse, children, grandchildren etc. for another 40 years.

This year, decide your ” WHY”

2)  Notice the changes in your health.  These changes are your body’s way of saying “pay attention” and what you are currently doing isn’t working.

  • Common changes I hear; uncontrollable cravings, I’m eating the same/less and can’t lose weight or gaining weight, fatigued in the afternoon, anxious or anxiety more often, your tolerance for things that aren’t working as expected has changed, digestion imbalances, poor sleep, etc.
  • These symptoms may be the root to why you don’t have the interest, energy or motivation to make changes. It has to do with the gut-brain connection. The article, Think Twice: How the Gut’s “Second Brain” Influences Mood and Well-Being explains over”90% of the body’s serotonin is found in the gut”. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and responsible for regulating things in the body like your mood, appetite, and sleep. Interesting!! Only 10% is synthesized in the brain.

3)  Journal and reflection. Just thinking about what you want to do won’t do it. As with any change, it needs to include visualization and/or action.

Take the rest of 2015 to get clear on what has sabotaged your actions in 2015 and pick something to do before the end of this year. Examples; food journaling, take out all gluten, walk dogs 4x a week, pick a day to cook meals for the week, etc.

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