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Is It Your Mental Mind Getting In The Way…..


Working in the field of health and nutrition, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the # 1 frustration is weight loss and #2 is the food changes. First of all, I totally understand as I was the top resister, in addition to a talented excuse maker i.e., I’m busy, I travel, I’m tired, I’m not a good cook/baker. All true at that time, but not helpful for what I wanted for my body and life.

For me, my health landed at a point where resistance to change was making me sicker, heavier and unhappier. My body was not in alignment with the life I dreamed of, and oh by the way, I was still only dreaming about this life. I had to move past my rebellious self and mind!For those into archetypes, the rebel mind can also be the destroyer, saboteur or martyr mind. This  rebel mind is equivalent to your teenage mind, (smile), you know this mind. When its told it can’t have it, it responds with something to the effect of; “you don’t get me”, “that wont work for me” or I’m different or special”… etc.

Now if you recall how much you knew as a teenager, yes, I’m sure you knew everything. For those who didn’t know everything, the teenager mind has a need to experience things to learn and relate. For those, who are naturally reflective or tapped into their intuition early, you may have learned something after one bad experience. For the rest of us, the stakes had to be high to reflect and change. Sound similar to changes with food and health?

So here is the good news. If you have been on different diets for most of your life, like me, your  rebel mind can start reflection now because you have lots of experiences. Start with;

  • What has worked and what hasn’t? Include the emotional state of mind and mood.  
  • Do I have physical symptoms that need to be addressed? Don’t short side this, even burps after a meal or skin rashes are symptoms.
  • Do I have the support at home to make/sustain these changes? Think of the teenager experiencing peer pressure.
  • Am I more comfortable with an all or nothing approach or are small progressive changes over time easier? For me, my rebel mind appears in an all or nothing approach, I need viable substitutes!
  • Is my food selection in alignment with my rebel/teenage mind or my life/soul purpose? This is a great one to journal about and include how or how not.

Over the last two years I’ve written a lot about the physical and emotional sides of healing. Particularly healing weight loss resistance, digestion, hormones and autoimmune, as the physical and emotional sides are the foundation.

As I reflect on my journey, it’s time for a transformation in the way we approach weight loss and health. This still includes food selection individuality, with the addition of an approach to change individuality.

The rebel is the first of the fours minds or archetypes where I see patterns in healing, as weight loss is a healing process or journey… on many levels, not a to-do list.

Stay tuned for more information and classes on the archetypes of nutrition and the four minds involved in healing.

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