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Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Starting A Spiritual Business

Spiritual Business Coaching

When we embark on a spiritual transformational path, the enlightenment we experience can be so profound that we want to immerse ourselves in it, learning more and wanting to share it with others. Many of us experience this inner knowing arising in us, feeling a calling to share it through offering healings, services, trainings, or products. That’s exactly what happened to me when I began my journey as a spiritual entrepreneur many moons ago. 

If you’re in the process of starting a spiritual business and either lack business experience or have only worked in a corporate setting where details were handled behind the scenes, it may feel new and daunting. But you’re not alone. Many never imagined becoming an entrepreneur or business owner, but it’s a common approach in this profession once someone feels ready to start practicing. As both a Spiritual Entrepreneur and a Spiritual Business Coach, I’m here to share my knowledge through this blog post to help get you started.

* On a side note, if you’re not comfortable starting your own spiritual business, there are companies hiring for positions in areas such as spas, wellness practices, holistic centers, retreat centers, and more. Opportunities in these fields are arising each year.

What is a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

A spiritual entrepreneur feels a calling to do something deeper that brings meaning or has a desire to do something that contributes to peace and healing in the world. It’s common for spiritual entrepreneurs to have had a life-altering experience that changed their worldviews, leading them down this path. Many in this space are also known as heart-based or heart-centered entrepreneurs. 

In short, these individuals choose to make a difference in the world with their gifts by starting their own spiritual businesses.

Examples of Spiritual Businesses: 

Common spiritual businesses and entrepreneurs include bodyworkers, coaches, counselors, creatives, intuitives, yogis, acupuncturists and nutritionists. Additionally, new spiritual roles are continually emerging. 

There are many sought-after emerging modalities, such as: 

  • Oracle card and tarot readers
  • Energy healers
  • Lightworks
  • Angelic communicators
  • Sound healers
  • Crystal healing practitioners
  • Herbalists
  • Astrologers
  • Numerologists
  • Psychic mediums
  • Channelers
  • Shamans
  • Animal communicators

How To Start A Spiritual Business? 

1. Embrace Your Spiritual Transformation

Starting a spiritual business begins with reflecting on and capturing your spiritual transformation. Since you have personally experienced it, embracing your spiritual transformation is the most important place to begin. It’s your unique story that will attract others and resonate with them. 

Share who you were when you started this path. Reflect on what was going on for you at the time, why you were searching for something, and explain the pain or unmet needs that led you to this work. These elements are how you tap into the experiences that shaped your spiritual journey. Also, explain why taking this leap of faith, or responding to a nudge or pull, was so significant that you couldn’t imagine your life without embracing it.

2. Decide on a Spiritual Business or Practice

In the Spiritual Business space, deciding on a niche or speciality can be a difficult and challenging task. Many of us who are called to this work have numerous interests, which can stall our decision-making process regarding what we want to do or offer. This indecision is often the biggest challenge my clients face, leading them to seek spiritual business coaching in the first place. 

There are classes, training, and certifications available in a multitude of areas, so opportunities for learning are abundant. Reflection on your spiritual transformation, and connecting with what was significant for you can often serve as a good starting point. 

The beauty of this spiritual transformation space is that you can always expand your current practice, such as by adding oracle readings to massage therapy, or combine different modalities, like yoga teaching with reiki healing.

You might consider sharing your gifts in unique ways, such as an artist creating labels for metaphysical items, or you can incorporate your existing skills and talents from other fields into your spiritual business. For instance, if you handle communications for corporations, you might explore psychic communications. Or you can take a new cycle of spiritual transformation and move in a completely new direction. 

As an example, my personal and professional journey has led me to all aspects of metaphysics, allowing me to integrate my work with all four bodies. I work in the physical body through functional nutrition and intuitive eating, the emotional body through Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology, the mental body through spiritual journaling classes and intuitive business coaching, and the spiritual body through the Akashic Records, energy healing, and Kundalini yoga. I now run a Metaphysical school, the School of Transformation and Spiritual Wisdom, and it’s wonderful to have my life and work fully integrated. 

3. Start Marketing Your Business

If you already own a business in a different area, explore ways to share your spiritual gifts. If that’s not an option, or if you’re starting a new business, begin where you feel comfortable. Start sharing your spiritual transformation story on social media if you already have a presence, and consider offering free presentations and one-on-one meetings. Many metaphysical stores provide opportunities to rent space or join the staff as a reader or healer. Alternatively, you can rent a booth at a fair, festival or farmers’ market. If you enjoy writing, starting an online blog or contributing to existing newsletters is a great way to build your expertise. 

The most important is to get comfortable sharing what you do and your spiritual transformation story. Many find “coming out of the spiritual closet” intimidating, so the more you share, the more natural it will feel.   

Ways to Succeed As a Spiritual Entrepreneur & Business

Being a spiritual entrepreneur can sometimes feel lonely, so being part of a like-minded community is vital. I recommend not only getting involved in community groups and networking but also choosing training programs where you receive support, mentoring, and encouragement to connect with your colleagues. I’ve participated in trainings and groups where building support with colleagues wasn’t encouraged, and it didn’t feel right for me. 

Drawing from my own spiritual transformation, I decided to place emphasis on the importance of community and always ensure that there is time for participants to interact in all of my classes. I especially make time for classes on Zoom to engage in breakout groups since it requires more focus to feel a part of something special. 

Here are some ways to succeed as a spiritual entrepreneur:

  1. Know your spiritual transformation story
  2. Meet other like-minded people
  3. Come out of the spiritual closet and talk about your story
  4. Choose ways to share what you do whether that’s on social media, writing blogs, or offering presentations
  5. Select training programs that cultivate community building
  6. Decide on a niche, focus, or speciality 
  7. And most importantly, enjoy the journey. 

Embarking on a journey as a spiritual entrepreneur is a beautiful and fulfilling path, filled with opportunities to grow, connect, and make a difference in the lives of others. Whether you are just starting or looking to expand your spiritual business, know that your unique gifts and story have the power to inspire and heal. 

If you find yourself needing guidance, support, or simply someone who understands this unique journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m here to help you get clear on your business ideas and get your unique gifts out to the world. Reach out today, and let’s take the first step together towards building the spiritual business that resonates with your soul.

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