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Struggling with Food Sensitivities? The Healing Journey involves a Body, Mind, and Soulful level!

Nutritional Alchemy

Many live with constant sensitivities to food. They may experience symptoms such as bloat, gas, acid reflux, constipation, carb-sugar cravings, fatigue, brain fog, stiff joints, skin conditions, anxiety, depression and allergies, to name a few.

There are multiple reasons for these reactions on a physical, emotional, and soulful level. Read below to understand why the healing journey involves a multi-dimensional approach. 

Physical Body

If the gut becomes inflamed, harmful bacteria from digested foods can pass through the gut lining and cause irritations. This leaky gut syndrome can lead to food sensitivities, a lowered immune system and autoimmunity. This reaction in the gut can also occur in the brain – called leaky brain – when foreign substances pass through the blood-brain barrier and cause brain fog and fatigue.


Food sensitivities can also result from an emotional response to the collective and the people around you. If you feel irritated or frustrated by the discomforts of life or other people’s behaviors, those feelings can cause physical reactions such as food sensitivities. They can also be triggered by being hyper-focused on your emotions and wants. 


When we make huge leaps forward in our lives and work through the limiting beliefs, we increase our spiritual connection: What I call up-leveling. This can be very exciting, as our vibrational energy increases; however, the dense energy in our physical body takes longer to catch up, which can cause physiology health challenges to work through, including food sensitivities.

What can you do for relief?

+ Balance your gut bacteria

+ Reduce triggers to the gut that cause inflammation

+ Clear gut infections and address blood sugar

+ Support neurotransmitters

+ Add in healthy fats, eliminate pro-inflammatory foods and fats

+ Move your body with yoga poses such as seated spinal twist to facilitate digestion and stimulate motility

+ Seek support to manage stressors and move past outdated beliefs and identities

Work in your Akashic Records Training to uncover the root causes of these sensitives and get you relief

If seeking the details to food sensitivities solutions, download a copy of the Food Sensitives solutions handout in my Facebook group

Download a copy of the Food Sensitives infographic and solutions handout. 

My material is stored and sorted in my Facebook group ” Root Causes, Soul Pathworking & Transformational Practices” 

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