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Why we Choose to do “The Work” through Training and Courses

Holistic Health

Being on a transformational journey is thrilling when its inflow is aligned with our intentions and our purpose. However, at other times, it’s incredibly challenging to work through unfinished business. 

We can heal ourselves through personal learning and experiences by practicing self-reflection, working with mentors or coaches, and/or serving others.

Additionally, to these approaches, many find that going through training and learning transformational techniques to help others enables them to more easily release their own stuck behaviors and outdated beliefs.

Why is this?

When we learn new techniques, we are not only learning how it impacts us, but we are also perceiving how this will serve others. This naturally takes us out of our single-focused thought process and into a broader heart-and-soul response level. We can be on our journey while serving others: In fact, most feel that practitioners/coaches/mentors/etc. are more relatable when they are also doing the work. 

Many are yearning for ways to be in an authentic place, while also expanding themselves. The days are over where we have one identity that we share with the world; we are multi-faceted beings, so it makes sense that it would reflect in our journey.  

With the expansion of online learning, training courses and certification opportunities are even more accessible. We can use training to integrate our unique experiences with how we experience the world and how we serve others while doing our own work for deeper meaning and purpose.

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